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Farm Spotlights

SDAITC is proud to bring the field trip to you through these online learning tools!

Whether you are a student, an educator, or an inquiring mind of any age, we hope you find these Farm Spotlights as informative and fascinating as we do. As essential service providers, farmers feed and beautify our world. These videos reveal the hard work and dedicated spirit that San Diego County farmers put into their jobs. The modern American farm puts STEM principles into action on a daily basis, bringing nature and technology together in order to be as environmentally sustainable and efficient as possible. Click on any video to learn how!

An Introduction to Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Farming

Join Mary Matava of Agri Services for an introduction on how plants help sequester carbon dioxide and Carbon Farming – farming and ranching practices that build soil carbon, turning carbon pollution into the atmosphere into forms of carbon that build and nourish living things.

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Witman Ranch

Join Matt Witman to learn about developments in citrus farming that have reduced water use and impact on the land while also sequestering carbon in their trees.

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Frank Konyn Dairy

Dairy – An Udderly Amazing Story

Visit with Frank Konyn and meet his amazing group of cows.
Discover which by-products these cows consume to create delicious milk products while diverting these by-products from the landfill.

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San Pasqual Valley Soils

Compost to Feed the Soil

Join Dr. K and learn about how manure from the Frank Konyn Dairy and local landscape disposal material is transformed into compost.
Discover how compost enhances the quality of the soil, increases the soil’s water holding capacity, and allows the soil to hold more carbon in the soil.

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San Diego Botanic Garden

Plants Resources to Build our Communities

Visit with Ari Novy at the San Diego Botanic Garden and learn about how ornamental plants benefit our urban communities.

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Del Rey Avocado

How one company can improve the economy AND the planet

Chaparral Honey

The Beekeeping Business - "What's All the Buzz About"?