Frequently Asked Questions

Below are links to great websites that can answer many burning questions related to San Diego County agriculture.



There are many more than listed here. If you visit one that wowed you, please let us know!

Agriculture is a very broad term. The dictionary defines it as: “the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.” If you like to eat, wear clothes, keep pretty plants around the house, or take a drive in the beautiful backcountry, then you have a vested interest in keeping agriculture vibrant and as close by as possible. In addition, there are hundreds of careers in fields that support agriculture, from Entomologist to Photographer to Government Policy Analyst and more.

Several Southern California colleges and universities offer Agriculture and Horticulture majors. Check out some of our local offerings:

Check out these resources for aspiring farmers from the USDA.

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