Carolyn Cornforth is a creative artist and nature enthusiast who has worked in K-12 education as a guest teacher since 2001. She has worn a myriad of hats in the educational community, including high school Floriculture teacher, science garden coordinator, and art docent. Carolyn enjoys the direct contact with the variety of amazing students to be found in San Diego County schools.  Carolyn is inspired by and gains insight from the fun & joy that students freely give to her and others with their sheer & authentic brilliance, natural gifts & talents and desire to learn & grow as students. During non structured classroom time, Carolyn enjoys sharing and telling stories about the joys of growing your own fruit, vegetables & succulents, compost gardening, and upcycling. Carolyn shares SDAITCʼs vision to see a garden in every school in San Diego County. She is excited to serve on the board in order to help bring this vision to reality. Learning hands on about how produce is grown is a lifelong activity that all students can hopefully have the opportunity to experience and enjoy. Carolyn is married to a landscape architect/contractor and has two children, now teenagers.

Carolyn is in awe with the beauty, simplicity, hardiness & resilience of succulents and enjoys growing & propagating them to share with others. When not working, serving, volunteering, at the beach, running with her dog, biking to watch the Oceanside sunset into the ocean, hiking in local hills, picking wildflowers, or sitting in her backyard watching the birds, Carolyn can be found dreaming about future projects, implementing current projects, snapping photos, shopping at the local farmers market, on or around Lake San Marcos, in a library, coffee shop, hosting guests, raising chickens, hanging out with her two cats, family & friends, gardening & making up something new & delicious in the kitchen. Carolyn honors nature, values unique experiences, loves people, appreciates and finds the beauty in everyday life.